How to Squarespace (2017)

Over 2017 Dan Clasen & I co-hosted a workshop on creating websites with Squarespace. We periodically getting 10-20 people in a room with workstations, and walked them through creating their own ecommerce site.

We primarily covered using the Squarespace content editing tools, page layout, and best practices in web design, giving the students the tools they need to create a clean & professional web presence for their businesses.

The first workshop occurred in July 2017, and received 5/5 ratings from the attendees. We periodically repeated it, consistently receiving 5/5 from the students/business owners.

The majority of said business owners left the workshop with not only their new skills, but a solid start on their own website. This was generally saying a lot, as most of the people in the position of taking the workshop had at most basic internet literacy.